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Whether you are preparing to reopen your doors or have been open all along, you're looking at how to work differently to keep business running smoothly and employees safe and healthy. Whatever your situation, Paylocity is your partner to help you tackle the tasks of today so you can look ahead to tomorrow.

Let’s Reach for Tomorrow Together

We've been working hard to help you keep tackling the challenges of the new normal with tools to listen, learn, engage, and work differently.

Rethinking the Workplace

The future of the workplace looks vastly different than it did just a few months ago, and employee expectations and the overall employee experience continue to evolve. Welcoming employees and customers back to your facilities and ramping up operations means you have a lot to consider, from new safety measures to new ways of working. Here are some resources to help you rethink the way you recruit, rehire, and engage your workforce.

toolkits to work differently

Our toolkits provide you with tips, templates, and other resources to help you navigate today's remote, touchless, social distancing world, whether you're looking to recruit, rehire, or engage your employees.


Maintain your workplace culture by keeping employees connected, inspired, and productive during a time where engagement looks very different.


If your business operations are starting to ramp up, these templates and tips can help you recall furloughed employees or rehire laid off employees.


Prepare now for a new world of recruiting where in-person activities have been moved to the virtual space, so you’re ready when the time is right to hire.


A Plan for Getting Back to Work

Find out what you need to know to develop a plan, stay compliant, and keep your employees safe.

Life After COVID-19: The New Normal

HR experts discuss what will define the employee experience in the months and years to come.

Re-Engage Employees and Customers

Learn strategies for engaging employees and clients safely and effectively as you welcome them back.

Blogs and ebooks

Returning to Work: 3 Ways to Prepare

As businesses start to reopen everywhere, we give you a few key ways to prepare.

HR Data Insights to Support Employees

Learn how HR and payroll solutions offer data insights that help you best support your employees.

How to Maintain Connection in Crisis

A communications plan is critical during a crisis to keep your employees informed and connected.

Leveraging Tech to Engage Employees

Learn how CRP Industries connected its diverse workforce while streamlining and simplifying its HR and payroll processes.

Meet CRP

Tools for Working Differently

Managing your workforce and cultivating a welcoming and inclusive culture is complex with today's constant legislative changes and teams often scattered. Our Micro Kits are designed to help you figure out how to work differently with easy-to-use templates and guides on using technology to navigate the new workplace.

our touchless timeclock, the way you want it

Designed with you in mind and built for today’s world, our new time clock helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your organization. The touchless time clock can be customized to include features from badge readers to photo capture to fingerprint scanners, and more. Our newest features help eliminate high-touch areas, foster employee well-being, and enhance productivity.

Temperature Scanning

Get real-time health assessments of your employees before their shift starts with contactless forehead temperature scanning to confirm they're safe to work.

Facial Recognition

Reduce the potential for contamination and eliminate buddy punches. This technology works (even when employees are wearing a mask) in seconds.

Attestation Prompt

Customize prompts including procedural reminders or health and wellness checks. Alert supervisors and prevent clock in if necessary.

Micro Kits


Create, share, and track training and development courses while also leveraging internal experts for peer-to-peer learning.


Hear thoughts and feelings directly from your employees to keep a pulse on what they need most and adjust plans accordingly.


From sharing photos to polls, keep your employees connected while social distancing with our social collaboration tool.

Mobile App

Give employees access from anywhere. Let them punch in on mobile devices to reduce contamination.


An appreciated employee always does more. Build morale and connection with virtual high fives and thank yous.


Process reimbursements digitally, limiting bulky receipts and paperwork as well as physical contact.

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