Welcome Employees Back

The future of work has changed. From engaging hybrid workforces to employing new safety measures on the frontlines, the pandemic altered the way we work – under a dramatically shortened learning curve. Regardless of where your organization is at today, partner with a team that’ll help you navigate the changes tomorrow and beyond, together.

Ready for a Post-Pandemic Workplace?

The pandemic shaped the way we view a modern workforce. Lead the change in creating an experience where your employees can thrive and be their most productive selves.

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Rethinking the Workplace

Employee expectations and the overall employee experience continue to evolve. With in-person, virtual, and hybrid teams, you have a lot to consider. Here are some resources to help you rethink the future of work and how to engage your teams no matter where they are.

The Future of Work: A Panel Discussion

Hear our panel of compliance experts discuss vaccine mandates, social distancing in workplaces, and anxiety surrounding returning to work.

Future of the Modern Workforce

Listen as our CEO, Steve Beauchamp, talks about the need for flexibility post-pandemic and what it takes to lead a hybrid workforce.

Employee Wellness in 2021

Learn how supporting workers as they manage stress, mental health, and wellness can improve employee experience and productivity.

Leadership in a Remote World

Are you effectively leveraging technology to support employees? Maximize performance and improve collaboration using your digital toolbox.

Redefining Workplace Flexibility

What worked as “flexible” before might not be considered flexible anymore. See how you can stay competitive and adaptive to your employees’ needs.

5 Ways to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

Is your message being heard? Make sure you’re hitting the mark in your approach to connecting with your modern workforce.

Engage Employees No Matter Where They Are

See how Beemac Trucking got back on the road during COVID-19 using our all-in-one, collaborative HR & payroll suite.

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Tools for Working Differently

Touchless Time Clocks

Built for today’s world, our new time clock helps ensure the health, safety, and productivity of your organization. The touchless time clock can be customized to include features from badge readers to photo capture to fingerprint scanners and more. The newest features help eliminate high-touch areas, foster employee well-being, and enhance productivity.

Premium Video

Supercharge your recruiting, onboarding, engagement, and development efforts with modern communication tools like our premium video feature. Connect and collaborate with employees working remotely or across time zones – without even leaving the Paylocity platform. See how video can give your organization a competitive edge.

Modern Workforce Index

How can you tell if your employees are engaged? Backed by Deloitte research and powered by AI, our new Modern Workforce Index (MWI) gives smart, actionable insights to help improve your employee experience. In fact, companies already using MWI are seeing a higher ROI and lower voluntary turnover. Meet the newest addition to our product suite!

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