INT FY23 Smartpay

About SmartPay

SmartPay consistently offers best in class technology, flexible processes and hands-on support for all stakeholders and a thorough understanding of what it means to be a partner. SmartPay works with 60+ Carriers, 100s of Agents, 100s of Payroll Providers and 1000s of Policyholders.

Paylocity’s Employee Benefits Management platform on desktop and mobile

Carrier Agnostic

Works with almost any carrier

Keep Your Broker

Integration does NOT require broker change

Save Time

Remove the need for duplicate entry

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How It Works

Ability to move employee data between SmartPay and Paylocity including:

  • Adding new employees
  • Updating employee info
  • Updating terminated employees

Workers Compensation data can be shared with carrier each time payroll is processed.