Talent Management System

Empower Your Workforce

Employees’ needs and wants are constantly evolving, and they expect more than just “a job” when joining your company. Get top candidates in the door and on the path to success leveraging Paylocity’s talent management suite. Automate the recruiting and onboarding experience, ensure fair pay, and offer learning opportunities and career development.  Drive satisfaction and growth every step of the way while giving employees what they need for success.

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Revere Plastics uses Paylocity to reduce turnover by more than 70 percent by focusing on their people.

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Explore a Modern Approach to Talent Management

Streamline Hiring and Attracting Top Talent

Automate the recruiting cycle, broaden your reach, and enhance the candidate experience. Increase applicant volume by empowering candidates to text a number or scan a QR code to get information and apply. Shorten time-to-hire by texting with candidates and allowing them to schedule their own interviews.

Drive Engagement and Productivity Before Day One

Eliminate hours of paperwork while meeting the needs of the modern workforce. Kick off onboarding with a welcome message from the CEO, let new hires share personal interests and skills, and automatically assign relevant training. Jumpstart your success together with a productive and engaging new-hire experience.

Keep Track of Goals and Progression

Give employees the tools they need for career development. Make performance conversations an ongoing activity by using Journals throughout the year. Quickly and easily collect feedback from peers, managers, and direct reports for true 360 feedback. Leverage 9-box talent assessment templates to help identify the employees ready for the next step in their career.

Ensure Fair and Competitive Pay, While Staying in Budget

Create, define, and manage your compensation strategy. Make more informed decisions that align with your organization’s guidelines when awarding annual increases or one-time bonus payments. Even easily create and distribute individual employee statements that outline your investment in them, from vacation time to benefits, to optimize talent acquisition and retention.

Grow and Develop Your Employees

Simplify training and create an interactive learning environment for in-office, remote, and deskless employees. Assign training from an ever-growing course library, upload your own materials, or even empower employee subject matter experts to create training and share it via Community, our online social collaboration hub. Robust tracking—even for in-person learning—helps ensure compliance and employee development.

Drive a More Connected Organization with HR Technology

The role of HR is more complex than ever before. Learn how all-in-one HR and payroll technology can build a culture of connection without sacrificing the automation you need to be successful in our eBook.

Frequently Asked Questions

A talent management system (TMS) is a software or cloud-based system that helps HR teams identify prospective candidates, manage onboarding, and train and develop employees throughout their career paths.

Ask any HR professional what resource matters most to them, and the answer remains the same: their people. That’s why having a quality talent management software is so important to HR departments.

The importance of attracting and retaining talent, coupled with increasing employee expectations, puts more pressure on what is needed from a talent management system. Paylocity’s talent management solution adapts with the constantly evolving nature of the workforce, keeping you at the forefront of what’s next.

The key components of a talent management system relate to the employee lifecycle: recruiting, onboarding, and performance management.

  • Recruiting: Many systems have built-in features like automated job postings to expand reach, background checks, data collection, texting, video messaging, and more that can help engage the right candidates during the hiring process.
  • Onboarding: Talent management solutions work to simplify the administrative and integration aspects of onboarding, from gathering critical information like I-9 verification to providing customized welcome notes from teammates and leaders.
  • Performance Management: A TMS often includes tools like goal management and 360-degree feedback to keep employees motivated and feeling accomplished in their growth.

More sophisticated talent management software also includes compensation management or a Learning Management System (LMS) to help with training and developing employees.

Trying to manage current and future employees can be taxing. From extending job offers and executing orientations to work evaluations and trainings, HR teams can be consumed by manual tasks.

One of the many benefits talent management tools bring to the table is the ease of automation. Quickly pulling workforce analytics, assigning tasks in an LMS, or posting jobs can now be done in minutes. HR teams can save time – and money – by spending more hours focusing on employees and strategic initiatives.

Another benefit to talent management software is the ability to analyze – and develop – your talent in a much more meaningful way. This rich analysis can help you identify pay gaps, administer promotions fairly, and make smart, data-driven decisions to attract and retain the best talent in the industry. Learn more about how to leverage HR metrics in our resource library.