Time and Labor Management Software

Automate Time & Labor Processes to Save Resources

The costs of manually scheduling, tracking, and managing time can add up quickly. Improve efficiency by reducing manual data entry and administrative tasks, automating time tracking and attendance, and simplifying scheduling and time off requests. Eliminate unplanned labor costs and, minimize compliance risks. Deliver a more modern and connected experience for managers and employees with flexible time collection options, real-time chat, shift claiming and swapping, and more.

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Maximize Productivity

More Time, Less Labor

Eliminate paper timesheets, reduce administrative tasks, and track time worked accurately. Built on our single database solution, automated time tracking—backed by robust reporting and notifications—helps you run an error-free payroll, with no manual re-entry.

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Set It and (Almost) Forget It

Scheduling doesn’t have to be a hassle for HR, managers, or employees. Schedule by role or location, use templates and color coding, and leverage rules around attributes like age or capacity to minimize compliance risk. Empower employees and managers with a modern mobile app and features like shift claiming and swapping, real-time chat, and more.

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Empower Employees to Clock in Without Stressing Out

With companies more dispersed and mobile than ever, it’s time to replace old school timeclocks. Enable employees to clock in via mobile, web, kiosk, or other timeclock options. Flexibility doesn’t mean easy to game. With geofencing you can ensure employees only punch in from certain locations. You can even take temperatures to support a healthy work environment, complete with a temperature scan log report.

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Modern scheduling tools are critical to improving productivity, controlling costs, and managing compliance. Let Paylocity’s innovative solutions—like role-based scheduling, skill and certification validation, and advanced AI tools that estimate hours and costs—do the planning for you.

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Today’s retail industry organizations need a complete HR and payroll solution to exceed their goals and overcome these five business challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Time and labor management is the process of efficiently scheduling, tracking, and optimizing the use of an organization's workforce to achieve its business goals. This includes tracking employee attendance and time, scheduling shifts, calculating hours worked in order to run payroll, monitoring overtime and compliance with labor laws, and analyzing labor costs.

Some key features of time and labor management software include:

  • Time tracking: Capturing employee hours worked, including start and end times and break durations.
  • Scheduling: Creating schedules, assigning shifts, and making changes in real-time.
  • Attendance tracking: Monitoring and tracking employee absences and time off requests.
  • Compliance management: Helping ensure compliance with labor laws, such as minimum wage and overtime regulations.
  • Reporting and analytics: Providing real-time insights and historical data on labor costs, efficiency, and other key metrics.
  • Mobile app and web access: Enabling employees to clock in/out, view schedules, and request time off from their smartphones.

Employees benefit from time and labor management software in several ways:

  • Accurate pay: Ensures that employees are paid accurately and on time based on the hours they have worked.
  • Easy time tracking: Reduces errors by eliminating the need for tedious paper-based time tracking.
  • Flexible scheduling: Allows employees to easily request time off, claim or swap shifts with peers, and view their schedules from anywhere.
  • Improved communication: Facilitates communication between employees and managers regarding scheduling and time-off requests.
  • Enhanced work-life balance: Helps employees better manage their time and schedule, leading to a better work-life balance.
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