Talent Management Software
Talent Management

Attract top talent, promote employee engagement, and improve job satisfaction.

Web Pay’s all-encompassing talent management software makes maximizing your employees' potential not only easier, but strategic. Execute HR best practices with applicant tracking, built-in 360 reviews, goal management, and peer-to-peer recognition with an effective business intelligence tool.


Enhance employee performance with 360 reviews that allow you to:

  • Customize review fields with success criteria important to your organization
  • Ensure timely completion of performance tasks with automated notifications
  • Request feedback from multiple personnel in different departments to receive universal input on employee performance and accomplishments
  • Keep track of employee performance year round with performance journaling

Set and manage employee development with goal management that allows:

  • Reviewers to manage employee goals and appraisals in a single location
  • Employees to actively participate in the process with self-appraisal functionality
  • Managers and employees to clearly define and agree upon goals and objectives


Our social recognition tool, Impressions, gives employees the ability to recognize each other from anywhere, anytime by:

Social Recognition Tool
  • Providing timely, meaningful recognition to peers and co-workers
  • Promoting desired positive actions among employees to encourage behavior
  • Giving employees the option to post accomplishments on their employee profile to share with co-workers
  • Enhancing the employee review process with a more robust view of performance
  • Allowing employees to self-manage their profiles to update images, add interests, and even link to social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook


Our fully integrated recruiting and applicant tracking solutions are specifically designed to fit your company’s needs. No matter the size of your organization - quickly fill jobs by efficiently posting open positions, screening candidates, and reporting on progress.


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