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Time & Labor

Flexible, Accurate Attendance Tracking

With a time and labor solution that combines flexibility and scalability, your organization can improve data accuracy and maximize the productivity of your employees. Gain the insight needed to leverage this data with Paylocity’s Time & Labor, a solution that eliminates manual tracking and data entry while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Put the Power in the Palm of Your Employees' Hand
  • Geofencing Parameters: Set location parameters to prevent employees from punching in on mobile devices when they are outside of the geographical area
  • Time Clock Kiosks: Allow employees to clock in and out, submit time off, view punches, and more using a preconfigured, securely enclosed tablet
  • Mobile App: Empower employees with instant access to check schedules, request time off, view punches, and stay connected with supervisors
Maximize Productivity & Increase Efficiency


Assign and track points for attendance occurrences such as tardiness, absenteeism, or misuse of breaks/meal periods, and view a points audit trail to see the last 30 days for all employees.


Automate schedule tracking by enabling your managers to easily create and adjust schedules as needed, without the need to manually correct necessary payroll data.


Access useful data easily with a library of pre-built reports; or see data with a live dashboard view of schedules, and track or fix employee exceptions like tardiness and missed punches.

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