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Time & Labor Management

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Improve Data Accuracy & Maximize the Productivity of Your Employees

With a time and labor solution that combines flexibility and scalability, you gain the valuable insight needed to make the most of your time and attendance data. Paylocity’s time and labor solution works seamlessly with our payroll and HCM suite, eliminating manual tracking and data entry while ensuring accuracy and compliance.

Our comprehensive solution, Web Time, ensures accuracy and accountability for you, managers, and employees.

Regardless of employee type (hourly, salary, remote, or on-site), precisely track time and attendance data – eliminating the need for manual tracking of accruals.

Run reports, such as a weekly summary of hours or time-off summaries, plus view a live status of schedules on the Supervisor Dashboard to fix employee exceptions.

Managers can easily create, track, and adjust schedules as needed, without the need for manual work. Plus, it automatically syncs with necessary payroll data.

Assign and track points for attendance occurrences such as tardiness, absenteeism, or misuse of breaks/meal periods.

Put the Power in the Palm of Your Hand with Mobile Functionality

  • Clocking In & Out
    Allows employees to punch in and out from their mobile devices – improving accuracy and reducing overhead costs by eliminating the need for physical time clocks and punch cards.
  • Geo-Fencing
    Managers are able to set parameters for where punches can occur. Any punch attempt outside of the set perimeters will be rejected and the manager will be notified of the attempt.
  • Time Off Requests & Scheduling
    Employees can request time-off or view upcoming work schedules from anywhere. Managers can receive notifications for time-off requests or schedule changes – and approve/deny requests from their mobile device.

Solutions for Enterprise-Level Organizations

Paylocity Enterprise Time and Expense (PETE) is our integrated, enterprise-level TLM solution powered by NOVAtime. With PETE, you can track travel and expense reimbursement, schedules, job costing metrics, using a multi-level approval workflow, and more.

Revolutionize the Way You do Expenses

Web Expense simplifies payroll by pulling approved expenses automatically into Web Pay and adding the reimbursement to your employee’s next paycheck—eliminating spreadsheets, calculators, and signatures along the way.

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