What’s New Blog | June 2023

July 18, 2023

June 2023 Releases: Payroll Readiness Dashboard, Workflow Enhancements, Improved Review Form Creation and More.

As the demands of payroll management and HR automation become increasingly complex, organizations are faced with the challenge of navigating a web of tasks. By reducing manual workflows, data entries, and calculations in payroll, professionals can unlock precious time that can be redirected towards more business-critical tasks. However, this shift not only relates to payroll, but also extends to broader HR practices. In June, new features like the Payroll Readiness Dashboard, workflow enhancements, and improved review form creation will help simplify payroll processes, automate manual HR tasks, and streamline operations across your business.

Increase the accuracy and efficiency of Payroll with a single dashboard

We are excited to introduce the Payroll Readiness Dashboard, a powerful tool that provides you with a comprehensive overview of your critical payroll tasks well ahead of your processing day. From a centralized location, you can quickly gauge your readiness to process pay period hours into a payroll batch while gaining insights into pay period totals, summaries, invalid time entries from inactive employees, and pending approval tasks. You can even process to a batch via a dedicated workflow!

In addition to improvements to your payroll automation, we also kept employee experience in mind. Your employees can now effortlessly manage their direct deposit details from their employee profiles on the Paylocity Mobile App, ensuring a seamless and efficient payroll experience for all.

Keep employees informed of their benefit plans with the right information at the right time

Launch a workflow to automatically notify employees enrolled in a Health Savings Accounts (HSA) to accept the Terms & Conditions and provide valuable introductory information, empowering them to understand and make the most of their HSA plans.

Decrease time to hire with new recruiting functionality

Shorten your time to hire metric by adding workflow permissions for team members and hiring managers. Ensure only qualified candidates who have passed the initial screening are reviewed and moved forward. After the initial screening phase, the bulk resume reviewer enables scanning of both resumes and applications in a single step, while also allowing you to update candidate statuses to increase efficiency. You can even take advantage of the newly added "Reject" buttons in key parts of the recruiting process to quickly sift through applicants, gather more data about why they’re not qualified, and ultimately expedite applicant evaluation.

Facilitate a smooth, error free performance review process

When creating a review form, take advantage of the new default review templates and step-by-step wizard that will assist you throughout the entire process. These tools make it easy to structure your form effectively. Additionally, you have the flexibility to format section text and incorporate hyperlinks to external resources, ensuring that you can provide clear and concise instructions for reviewers.

Improve communication with enhanced notifications for Benefits and Learning

Employees will be automatically notified when Benefit Administrators either approve or deny their recently submitted benefit elections. Additionally, employees will be notified when they can take advantage of new employee-specific enrollment types, such as Gained Eligibility and Special Enrollment events.

Automated Learning notifications are also sent out to employees and their supervisors regarding incomplete training that is overdue. These reminders are conveniently sent once a month, typically on the third calendar day, ensuring that employees and supervisors are consistently aware of any outstanding training requirements. This proactive approach helps to keep everyone on track and ensures timely completion of training programs.


Here at Paylocity, we always keep your employees in mind. Over the past year, we have released exciting features such as recommended training, voice clips, Video Hub, and a new self-service portal to make sure your employees have the best experience possible:

  • Recommended training in LMS spotlight the courses that are trending by employee job role and industry to help develop your employees further in their career.
  • Voice Clips and Video Hub allow employees to engage with each other in fun, new ways while simplifying cross-department collaboration for your company.
  • Paylocity’s new refreshed Self-Service Portal puts functionality such as On Demand Payment, time-off requests, and punching in at your employees’ fingertips — making self-service simpler and more intuitive than ever.


If you’re already a Paylocity client, visit the Product Training Catalog, or PEAK for more details:


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