2022 Federal Tax Update

November 15, 2022

Staying on top of the latest tax legislation helps you serve your clients better.

Webinar Time: Tuesday, January 17, 2023 | 1:00pm CST

If last year was action packed, this year promises to be even more so. Join expert Greg White as he provides an update on the most recent changes affecting your clients that you’ll need to navigate through the maze of tax legislation.

Greg White, CPA, has taught for 14 years straight as an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University. Admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court, he has been named a Top 50 IRS Representation Practitioner in the U.S. by CPA Magazine and has taught for a number of professional organizations. He is also a founder and shareholder in WGN PS in Seattle, WA. Greg enjoys the technical side of tax, but also likes to make his classes fun and enjoyable.

We will talk through the following:

  • Identify important 2022 cases
  • Recognize and apply legislative developments
  • Identify important provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Review administrative releases
  • Recognize and apply new legal developments to your practice

Greg White

CPA & Adjunct Professor
Golden Gate University

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