Experience-Based Onboarding Can Fast-Track Employee Integration with Andre Mayes

February 16, 2023

Ready to revamp your onboarding process? When it comes to onboarding new employees, experience-based approaches can make all the difference.
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If you have a new employee joining the team, how can you ensure they have the best possible start? With experience-based onboarding, both employer and employee benefit from an engaging first-day boost – not only is it more likely that the new hire will enjoy their first days on the job, but companies reap the rewards in terms of better-integrated staff members in less time. Join host Shari Simpson and guest Andre Mayes as they examine why experience-based onboarding might be just what your organization needs.

Andre is a Program Manager in Organizational Learning and has been with Paylocity for eleven years. Andre has spent the last eight years of his career in Learning & Development, researching how to engage and retain talent in today's workforce and designing some of the most impactful programs in our Operations space. Now working on Paylocity's onboarding strategy, he spends his time collaborating with leaders across the business to design and build one of the most comprehensive employee onboarding programs in the business.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Andre Mayes

Program Manager Organizational Learning

Make Your First Impression Count 

An impactful employee experience begins before day one. Make data collection, tax paperwork, and direct deposit setup seamless so you can begin engaging your new employees immediately with our onboarding tool. Help make your new hire’s first day memorable in the best way possible with less process and more human connection.

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