Managers' Impact on Employee Experience with Tracy Klein and Noreen MacMahon

February 23, 2023

Create unforgettable employee experiences by enabling management.
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In today's fast-paced and dynamic workplace, employees' expectations of their work experiences have changed significantly. It's no longer enough for organizations to offer competitive salaries and benefits. Today, employees seek meaningful work, a sense of purpose, and opportunities for growth and development. To attract and retain top talent, companies must create an exceptional employee experience.

Join host Shari Simpson and guests Tracy Klein and Noreen MacMahon as they discuss how organizations can enable their managers to create unforgettable employee experiences. They explore the key elements that contribute to creating an outstanding employee experience, such as a culture of trust, transparency, and inclusivity, as well as opportunities for growth and development, recognition, and work-life balance.

Tracy leverages digital analytics to implement, transform, and drive meaningful business decisions at all levels of an organization as a strategic, forward-thinking leader with over 15 years of HR experience. Whether in her current role as Senior Manager of Employee Experience at Paylocity, where she curates moments that matter or in her previous roles establishing Total Workforce strategies and forecasting, Tracy is always seeking her next opportunity to work cross-functionally. Her unique point of view comes from working across many industries with a desire not only to learn but help bridge the gap.

Noreen MacMahon has been able to grow and practice many skills over the last 20+ years. Some favorites are facilitating, debriefing assessments, coaching professionals at all levels, designing and implementing change management plans focused on people, and supporting people in being their most capable and confident versions of themselves. She values the trusted relationships she has built. Fairness and respect are core values for her. These are the differentiators that have enabled her success Her constants are that she loves to learn, is an evangelist for curiosity, is an early adopter of technology, and is energized by change.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Tracy Klein

Senior Manager Employee Experience

Noreen Macmahon

Director of Organizational Development

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