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December 20, 2019

The success of today’s organizations is deeply connected to the employee experience. It takes the right tools to build a truly people-centered experience.

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Employees Want On-Demand at Home and at Work.

Today’s employees want a fluid work and home lifestyle. Simply put, they want their day-to-day work life to include the conveniences they have as a consumer, most notably, constant connection. Employees want the ability to access and use information 24/7, and they don’t want to waste time with complex and hard-to-use technology to do their work. Similar to ordering essential items for same-day delivery through a home-integrated delivery service, employees want a seamless experience in the way they access information and collaborate with colleagues, for example. Rather than bouncing from platform to platform, employees want this aspect of their jobs to be uncomplicated, but companies must build a technology framework that enables this integrated experience.

Employees Want Experiences to Be Meaningful.

An engaging and meaningful workplace experience is a top priority for top talent, and building that meaningful experience requires a deep and complete understanding of your employees and their needs. It may seem counterintuitive to rely on metrics to learn about people, but employee data is a key ingredient in building a complete picture of your workforce, something way too important to leave to intuition. Those seamless, personalized consumer experiences are achieved with the power of data analytics and the help of a robust, integrated HR and payroll solution. By utilizing data-driven insights about the people who drive an organization’s success, you can create meaningful employee experiences that will resonate with your people.

Employees Expect Friction-Free Experiences.

Employees no longer have the patience to put up with ineffective and disjointed processes. They want to hit the ground running, and a poor onboarding experience feels like a false start. Gallup’s State of the American Workforce reported that up to 88% of employees think their employer did a poor job with the onboarding process when they were hired. But it can be difficult to adjust long-held processes, no matter how frustrating they are, without the tools and resources to support the desired change. By streamlining onboarding and other HR process, companies can improve the employee experience and better retain and attract top talent.

Employees Want Better, Not Just More.

Employees value learning and career development, but the days of in-class training are long gone. They want on-demand access to development opportunities tailored to their experience and goals, and this is where an integrated learning management system (LMS) is critical. Before adding yet another technology to the mix, employers should keep in mind that what employees want is more opportunities, not more tools. The right system is an integrated solution that includes:

  • Easily created and shared internal training videos
  • A library of on-demand training in formats tailored to different learning styles
  • A collection of compliance courses on state and federal regulatory topics and general workplace policies
  • Dashboards that allow leadership to track employee progress
  • The ability to assign specific courses to individual employees based on unique challenges and focuses
  • Flexibility to update existing courses and create new ones as priorities, challenges, and goals evolve over time

Not only does an integrated LMS provide employees with easy access to learning resources in one place, but it also provides managers with the ability to address performance challenges and development requests from the same platform. The right platform can provide a better day-to-day experience and exciting opportunities for professional growth.

Employees Want Community.

Whether they work mostly alone or as part of a team, in the office or remotely, employees expect the ability to easily engage with peers and managers in collaboration with real-time feedback and recognition. The challenge for organizations, however, is that no singular mode of communication is predominant. In fact, they’re using so many different methods to connect that it’s become overwhelming and less productive. A centralized platform with the ability to connect coworkers to one another can drive efficiency and meet the need to form a community at work.

Employees Are Consumers At Work.

If it feels like it’s been hard to nail down exactly what your employees are looking for at work, and efforts at improving engagement have fallen short, it’s time to consider how an integrated, all-in-one HR and payroll solution might be the answer. Our new eBook guides you through the key areas where you can build a workplace experience that your people have come to expect.

Learn more about how your organization can become more people-centered with our eBook

Creating a Consumer-Driven Employee Experience.


Date Published: DECEMBER 20, 2019

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