Creating Employee Personas with Mary Kaplan

November 10, 2022

Creating and using employee personas is a key strategy for increasing retention.

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Do you know what your employees want? You should if you want them to stick around. Research shows that creating employee personas can help you understand what makes your people happy in their jobs. Listen in as Mary Kaplan and host Shari Simpson discuss the how and why behind creating employee personas.

Mary helps companies discover more effective ways to communicate, collaborate, and improve HR processes and company culture through their employee experience platform. Mary works with HR and Chief Communications Officers, along with other executives and business stakeholders, to help reduce silos of information within their businesses through personalized communications. She focuses on delivering assets and collateral in collaboration with LumApps' leadership team to demonstrate the value of LumApps. She also helps mentor and train new team members in the Austin office.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
Mary Kaplan

Mary Kaplan

Product Marketing Manager
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