Paylocity vs. Paycom

What’s the Difference?

Paylocity is the HR and payroll software solution built for every user — you, your teams, and your employees. Our HCM platform helps you simplify processes, break through communication barriers, and drive connection.

By combining consumer-oriented experiences with an all-in-one platform that streamlines and automates manual HR tasks, Paylocity helps our clients improve employee retention and engagement — ultimately driving business success. 

So, what makes Paylocity the better choice over Paycom?

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Hear from from a client who made the switch to Paylocity

Blue Ridge has seen 2x more peer recognition and 85% of employees using Community regularly, keeping the team informed and engaged.

“We have used Paycom for several years, and Paylocity is a much more organized and ‘clean’ platform with more advanced features.”

 Recruitment Specialist, Senior Solutions Healthcare

Why Do Companies Prefer Paylocity over Paycom?

Employee Experience

Employee engagement is the key to retention. Paylocity's Community social hub features communication and collaboration tools employees actually want to use, like chat, video, and peer recognition. Within six months of implementing Community, clients saw peer recognition increase by more than 500%.

Paycom’s employee experience feature, BETI, pushes manual HR processes to your employees. BETI doesn’t provide valuable experiences such as recognition, chat, or collaboration.

Track Record of Innovation

Demonstrating our commitment to solving today's and tomorrow’s HR challenges, we invest 10-15% annually in research and development. We are consistently first to market with modern employee experience features like collaboration, native video, rewards and recognition, and generative AI.

Paycom invests a similar proportion of revenue in R&D, but they lack truly employee-focused capabilities such as video, rewards and recognition, and generative AI.

All-in-One Flexibility

With Paylocity you get the best of both worlds — our single-platform software suite provides end-to-end HR capabilities paired with flexibility to connect to other business systems. Our Marketplace offers integrations with 350+ complimentary business systems, and our open APIs provide even more flexibility.

Paycom does not have an integration marketplace.

Award-Winning Interface

Employees and managers love using Paylocity for all their HR and payroll needs — literally. Winner of a 2023 Most Loved Award from TrustRadius, customer feedback on Paylocity outranks Paycom in multiple core features including HR Management, Payroll Management, Reporting, and Employee Self-Service.

Paycom has a lower overall Trust Radius score compared to Paylocity.

Updated as of January 2024

Hear from Clients Who Chose Paylocity Over Paycom

Health group saves 91k annually by switching from Paycom to Paylocity.

See how SVLBHG streamlined recruiting, applicant tracking, and onboarding by consolidating processes on Paylocity’s single-platform solution.

Manufacturer switches from Paycom to Paylocity: “It couldn’t have gone better.

Find out why GT Midwest relies on Paylocity to connect systems and provide valuable data that employees, managers, and the business depend on.

Transportation company outgrows Paycom and hands keys over to Paylocity.

When Beemac Trucking topped the Fortune 5000 list for fastest-growing companies, they turned to Paylocity for a scalable solution to meet recruitment and retention needs.