Paylocity vs. Dayforce

What’s the Difference?

Paylocity is the HR and payroll software built for every user — you, your teams, and your employees. Our HCM platform helps you simplify processes, break through communication barriers, and drive connection.

With built-in capabilities to engage the entire workforce and supported by award-winning customer service, Paylocity’s all-in-one solution goes where you go and grows when you grow — at an accessible price point.

So, what makes Paylocity the better choice over Dayforce?

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Hear from a client who made the switch to Paylocity

POLYWOOD saves 2,000+ hours per year through automation and has achieved 93% organic adoption of the mobile app.

“Paylocity was far and above better suited. I have used the majority of vendors, and Paylocity in all honesty blew them out of the water.”

HR Manager, ProTech Security

Why Do Companies Prefer Paylocity Over Dayforce?

Award-Winning Enterprise Provider

Simplify your to-do list with user-friendly software built for you to run enterprise business payroll anywhere, anytime. Paylocity has been recognized as a leading enterprise provider four years in a row by G2, and customer feedback on Paylocity outranks Dayforce in many core feature categories including Ease of Use, Organization Management, and Self Service.

Dayforce has a lower overall rating on G2 compared to Paylocity. 

Superior Implementation and Service

We can tailor our solution to meet your company's unique needs, and our expert in-house implementation team walks you through every step to ensure you get the most out of our platform. Our award-winning service provides ongoing support, answering 90% of calls in a minute or less.

Dayforce often partners with third parties for implementation, and users rate Paylocity higher than Dayforce for Quality of Support and Quality of Doing Business on G2.

Meaningful HR Metrics

Analytics and reporting are critical for determining how you recruit, develop, and retain the workforce you need now and in the future. Our platform does more than provide templates. With Paylocity’s native customizable dashboards, your organization can better understand labor costs, identify areas to improve retention, and benchmark KPIs with your peers.

Dayforce does not have a native HR metrics solution. System dashboards provide analytics through the Microsoft Power BI engine. 

Increased Engagement

Connection is at the heart of employee engagement. Paylocity gives you the tools to reach employees where they are and the platform to show them their voices are heard and valued. Within six months of implementing Community, Paylocity’s workplace social hub, clients saw peer recognition increase by more than 500%.

Paylocity offers valuable employee-focused experiences such as Community and Rewards and Recognition that Dayforce lacks.

Updated as of April 2024

Hear from Clients Who Chose Paylocity Over Dayforce

Learn how Paylocity solved the unique payroll requirements of the nearly 160 entities of The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas.