Paylocity vs. Rippling

What’s the Difference?

Paylocity’s modern software suite pairs best-in-class functionality with cutting-edge employee engagement features to improve recruitment, retention, and workforce development. More than 35,000 organizations of all sizes have entrusted Paylocity with solving their HR and payroll challenges, thanks in part to award-winning support and a track record of innovation.

We’re more than a provider. As you grow, our solution — and partnership — grow alongside you.

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Hear from a client who made the switch to Paylocity

Polywood saves 2,000+ hours per year through automation and has achieved 93% organic adoption of the mobile app.

“Paylocity was far and above much better suited for our organization. I have used the majority of the vendors we demoed and Paylocity in all honesty blew them out of the water.”

 HR Manager, ProTech Security

Why Do Companies Prefer Paylocity Over Rippling?

Unified Solution

Paylocity’s all-in-one platform is a complete solution that covers both end-to-end HCM capabilities and employee engagement, from recruiting and onboarding to time tracking and benefits. Our Marketplace also provides flexibility with integrations to 350+ complimentary business systems including benefits and 401(k) providers.

Rippling lacks employee-focused experiences such as peer recognition, chat, and collaboration. Their marketplace also has fewer HR integrations, like benefits and 401(k) providers.

Trusted Industry Leader

With deep industry experience, Paylocity has become the fastest growing publicly traded company in the HCM space by total revenue growth. As we’ve grown, we’ve reinvested in our technology so we can continuously innovate and deliver the most modern platform in the industry, forming lasting relationships with our 35,000+ clients and counting.

Rippling has only been in business since 2016 and does not have as established a track record or as many clients.

HCM Built to Scale

Paylocity is an end-to-end solution developed from the ground up, built to meet the needs of organizations as they scale to 5,000 employees and beyond. We continually enhance our platform and service to meet the needs of large clients. Don't just take our word for it — clients have rated us a leading enterprise provider on G2.

Only 1% of Rippling’s reviews on G2 are from enterprise clients.

Superior Implementation

Your success begins right from the start when our expert in-house implementation team works to customize our solution to meet your needs. Reliable, friendly service, and deep expertise ensures you get the support you need to stay focused on your business, with 90% of calls answered in a minute or less.

Although Rippling also provides ongoing service, implementation is largely self-serve, with limited support.

Updated as of July 2023

Hear from Clients Who Chose Paylocity Over Rippling

Leading retailer switches to Paylocity to connect workforce across 73 locations.

“Culture is the key to retention. Recognizing and engaging with our employees and connecting different stores to each other—those have been huge, and they all come through Paylocity.”

– Director of Human Resources, Weigel's

Hospitality group saves $100K per year automating core HR functions with Paylocity.

“There is no more redundancy with Paylocity. We're much more efficient and effective as an organization. That's why I say it's just a beautiful thing for everybody to use. There's value in Paylocity for every employee at our company.”

– Controller, HMC Hospitality Group