Paylocity vs ADP

What’s the Difference?

Paylocity offers a modern HCM platform built to scale with your business. We're consistently first to market with cutting-edge features that delight employees and HR professionals alike.

The result? Paylocity has been the fastest-growing publicly traded HCM provider for the last two years.

With our all-in-one product suite, leading technology, and top-rated service, Paylocity is your partner in tackling today's challenges while we co-create the future of work.

So, what makes Paylocity the better choice over ADP?

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Hear from a client who made the switch to Paylocity

POLYWOOD saves 2,000+ hours per year through automation and has achieved 93% organic adoption of the mobile app.

“Paylocity was far and above much better suited for our organization. I have used the majority of the vendors we demoed and Paylocity in all honesty blew them out of the water.”

 HR Manager, ProTech Security

Why Do Companies Prefer Paylocity Over ADP?

Superior Service

Taking care of your business is always our priority. We answer service calls in 45 seconds on average and resolve 85% of questions on first contact. By understanding your company’s unique needs, we tailor our easy-to-use solutions to deliver the performance you expect, then provide a dedicated support system so you get the most from our platform.

Paylocity outranks ADP Workforce Now for quality of support on G2.

Scalable Infrastructure

Our solutions help you solve the big challenges of today and evolve with your business so you can focus on the future. Rather than having to switch platforms every time you grow, our all-in-one HCM system scales right along with you, providing flexible features to keep business running smoothly. You and your employees have a more unified user experience.

Moving from one ADP offering to another requires a full re-implementation process.

Better Employee Experience

Employee engagement is the key to retention. Community, Paylocity's workplace social hub, features communication and collaboration tools employees actually want to use, like chat, video, engagement surveys, and recognition. Within six months of implementing Community, clients saw peer recognition increase by more than 500%. 

ADP does not offer employee-focused features like Community and employee recognition.

Continuous Innovation

Demonstrating our commitment to solving today's and tomorrow’s HR challenges, we invest 10-15% annually in research and development. We’re consistently first to market with next-generation technology, like social collaboration, video, and generative AI, to build a culture of connection across the organization.

Paylocity invests a higher proportion of revenue into product compared to ADP.

Updated as of January 2024

Hear from Clients Who Chose Paylocity Over ADP

By switching from ADP to Paylocity, furniture manufacturer saves 2,000+ hours per year with employee self-service, enabling explosive growth.

“As an HR leader, Paylocity gives me the information I need at my fingertips — not just in terms of checking up on what’s happening today, but also seeing where the gaps are and planning solutions for the future.”

– Senior Director of HR, POLYWOOD

Hospitality group switches from ADP to Paylocity, improves employee experience across 27 locations while saving $100K with automation.

"The employees didn't have much interaction with ADP. We just used it for payroll processing. Everything else was separate. The systems didn't work together. We wanted one system for everything."

– Controller, HMC Hospitality Group

Choosing Paylocity over ADP, automotive manufacturer achieves 4x faster onboarding and fuels product innovation with streamlined HR.

“Around 60% of our workforce doesn’t use a computer, so the mobile app is so important. People just love using the app, especially for clocking in and out. They don’t have to wait in line at the time clock at shift changes.”

– HR Manager, Team 1 Plastics