Paylocity vs UKG

What’s the Difference?

Paylocity’s modern HR and payroll platform offers technology you can trust and features employees love. Our user-friendly interface puts the everyday tools you need at your fingertips, while customizable reporting makes it easier to plan for the future.

With built-in capabilities to engage the entire workforce and supported by award-winning customer service, Paylocity’s all-in-one solution goes where you go and grows when you grow — at an accessible price point.

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Hear from a client who made the switch to Paylocity

Gurley Leep switched from UKG to Paylocity, and they quickly saw 90% mobile app adoption across their 1,200+ employees. After switching, they were able to efficiently manage a 25% hiring increase with Paylocity.

“Paylocity was far and above much better suited for our organization. I have used the majority of the vendors we demoed and Paylocity in all honesty blew them out of the water.”

HR Manager, ProTech Security

Why Do Companies Prefer Paylocity Over UKG?

Fully Mobile

Whether you’re an employee, supervisor, administrator, or executive, the Paylocity mobile app connects you wherever the job takes you. Submit and approve time-off requests, check timecards, review schedule changes, and communicate company-wide — all from one platform, no matter what device you and your employees prefer.

UKG provides access to different functions using multiple apps rather than a single mobile solution.

Superior Implementation and Service

We can tailor our solution to meet your company's unique needs, and our expert in-house implementation team walks you through every step to ensure you get the most out of our platform. Our award-winning service provides ongoing support, answering 90% of calls in a minute or less.

UKG outsources implementation and users rate Paylocity higher than UKG Ready and UKG Pro for Quality of Support on G2.

Time-Saving Expense Management

In an increasingly hybrid work environment, managing expenses is more complicated for dispersed and remote employees. Not only does Paylocity’s integrated solution make it easier to track submissions, approvals, and reimbursements. It also minimizes errors, keeping the process moving so employees get reimbursed faster.

UKG’s platform does not have a built-in expense management tool.

Meaningful HR Metrics

Analytics and reporting are critical for determining how you recruit, develop, and retain the workforce you need now and in the future. Our platform does more than provide templates. With customizable dashboards, organizations can better understand their labor costs, identify areas to improve retention, and benchmark KPIs with peers.

UKG does not provide native reporting or analytics.

Updated as of January 2024

Hear from Clients Who Chose Paylocity Over UKG

Auto company drives 90% mobile usage by switching from UKG to Paylocity.

“I found UKG so cumbersome and hard to maneuver; it wasn't intuitive. I couldn't write a report to save my life, which was disappointing because I had previous experience with Paylocity where I could just slide and click and move things around to write a report easily.”

— Director of Human Resources, Gurley Leep Automotive

Educational nonprofit saves 1,200 hours a year when they switch to Paylocity.

“It was a nightmare. Every team in the past was kind of doing their own thing. There was no consistency, no consolidation. Paylocity has just been indispensable by helping us formalize a performance review plan and program.”

– Jaime Freeman, Director of HR Operations and Total Rewards