HR and Payroll Solutions for Nonprofit and Education: A Guide

June 05, 2020

Use our guide to find a HR and payroll solution that can help nonprofit and education organizations increase efficiency and find top talent.

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As a nonprofit or education organization, you are driven by your mission yet may be limited by staffing, compliance, efficiency, and budget challenges. In addition, you may be managing multiple, de-centralized locations and a workforce with varied pay structures and scheduling requirements. Today’s HR and payroll solutions can help you uncomplicate payroll and compliance, keep staff productive and engaged, and preserve your valuable resources. Learn how you can tackle the challenges of today with user-friendly, mobile-optimized tools so you focus on achieving your mission in building a better future with forward-thinking capabilities and powerful, predictive analytics. 

Our buyer’s guide walks you through the critical questions to ask and steps to take to get buy-in so you can make an informed decision to find the platform that’s the right fit for your organization today and will scale with you into tomorrow. 

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The Tools You Need to Attract and Retain

Embed employee experience features from recruiting, onboarding, and beyond with tools built for the modern workforce. Kick off day one with a welcome message using video. Connect your employees with collaboration tools and peer groups. Develop your team with relevant and interesting training. Keep the conversation going with surveys. And do it all while automating and collecting data to proactively make improvements.

Wow Your Talent