Employee Engagement and Why Leaders Need to Be Involved with Jessica Dunyon

November 09, 2022

To create a thriving workplace, you need everyone on board — from the CEO down to the front-line employees.
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Employee engagement isn't just a HR thing. Sure, HR is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to engage employees, but business leaders need to be involved too. After all, employee engagement is linked to business performance. Listen in as Jessica Dunyon and host Shari Simpson talk about engagement initiatives at the leader level.

For more than a decade, Jessica has sold, marketed, and supported cloud technology solutions for various industries in both the private & public sectors. As an operations leader in process manufacturing for nearly 10 years, she is passionate about the convergence of people, and technology, and doing great work.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
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Jessica Dunyon

MBA, PMP, Director of Go To Market Strategy