"I Got Fired" with Anne Bono

July 21, 2022

Getting fired is the worst, but HR can learn how to terminate with compassion and dignity.

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Anne Bono shares her story of getting fired and what she learned from that experience. Our host Shari Simpson dives in to learn more about how HR professionals and managers can better coach and terminate when necessary.

Anne is an accidental marketer, corporate executive, and multipotentialite with a smart mouth and a willingness to shout what most will only quietly think. She has spent much of the last two decades working in marketing for startups and large organizations and based largely on her prior experiences in those spaces, is on a mission to get the business world to focus on the humanity of their teams and put people over profits. She partners with new, emerging leaders and seasoned execs, empowering them to build a humancentric future of work for themselves and their teams, and speaks to audiences on how to embrace and embody lucid leadership, create a humancentric workplace, and become an agent of authenticity. She is loud, proud, heavily caffeinated and tattooed, and usually not safe for work.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership
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Anne Bono

Vice President, Growth Marketing at Penguin Random House and Coach/Speaker
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