Why Giving Rich Employee Feedback Matters with Dr. Wade Larson

August 11, 2022

Feedback is essential for helping employees grow and develop, but how do you know if your feedback is resonating?
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As any manager knows, feedback is essential for helping employees grow and develop. By providing feedback, managers can help employees to identify areas where they need improvement and set goals for future growth. However, giving feedback can also be challenging. It's essential to strike the right balance between positive and negative feedback and to avoid coming across as overly critical. Listen in as host Shari Simpson talks with Wade Larson about giving rich feedback to employees.

Guest: Dr. Wade Larson, Chief Human Resources Officer / Workforce Development at Wagstaff Incorporated

Wade is an author, international speaker, career coach, consultant, podcaster, and CHRO for Wagstaff, Inc., a global manufacturing firm in Washington State, and has worked more than 25 years in the field of human resources and professional development.

As a speaker, Wade brings new energy to the stage with an alternative perspective that brings a big dose of reality, motivation and hope to the audience. If you want the right mix of cutting-edge perspective in leadership, cultural dynamics, people and healthcare, blended with just the right amount of humor, motivation and a twist of cynicism, this doctor has your prescription to cure boring keynotes and workshops.

As a senior leader, Larson has specialized in reengineering the HR function for several organizations; as a consultant, he has worked with over 300 organizations finding solutions for better employee alignment and organizational performance. In his latest book, HR Transformation, he presents a new model for leading HR in today's new world recognizing that the world has completely changed - and the way we do HR must change with it.

In his first book, Doing HR Better, Larson lays out a simplified model to assist other HR leaders in their efforts to improve the HR function. In his second book, Mind Shifts in Healthcare, he identifies key strategies for employers to win the war in healthcare. Today he is on a personal mission to help organizations overcome mediocrity and assist their employees to do more, become more and achieve more.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Dr. Wade Larson

Chief Human Resources Officer
Workforce Development at Wagstaff Incorporated

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