Checklist: 9 Steps to a Successful Open Enrollment

November 10, 2021

Success during this important season each year depends on more than what medical and dental benefits you’re offering. Learn more with our checklist.

To tackle engagement and turnover challenges, businesses must think beyond gym memberships and flexible spending accounts. But rather than spinning your wheels on the next innovative idea for workplace amenities, get back to basics.

A lot has changed about employee experience, but open enrollment looks pretty much the same year after year. Employees choose a plan, and that’s it—right? HR professionals know there’s more to the story, that in addition to the specific benefits you offer, employee requests, compliance requirements, and processes overall keep growing. It’s time to take a fresh look.

See how your open enrollment experience stacks up with our checklist:

  • Deliver critical information and boost participation with an improved experience.
  • Help them see the big picture while they make seemingly monotonous decisions.
  • Equip your workforce with the tools for financial health as well as physical health.
  • Use data insights from this year to make next year's open enrollment an even bigger success.