Data Driven Recruitment Strategy with Lance Sapera

November 11, 2022

Use data to find the right job candidates and make your recruiting process more efficient.
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As a business leader, you know data is power. You use analytics to make strategic decisions about where to allocate your resources, how to grow your business, and what new products or services to offer. So why wouldn't you use data to drive your recruiting strategy? Listen in as Lance Sapera and host Shari Simpson discuss how using data to drive your recruiting efforts can make your recruiting more efficient.

Lance shares the work of transforming the data space for talent acquisition to streamline processes and make it easier for businesses to find the people they need. Purpose-driven and passionate about working with great people, Lance's "Mission first. People always." mindset drives difference-making results for team members and the company. An innovator and developer of high-performance teams and people in technology, cybersecurity, fitness, and the military, he knows how to engage and hire talent that drives enduring growth and productivity. Collectively, leaders and peers agree he has a strong reputation for collaborative problem-solving and completing tough challenges.

Lance is also passionate about supporting veterans and military spouses transitioning to the private sector.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Lance Sapera

Vice President of Talent Acquisition