Developing a Diverse Candidate Pipeline for Women with Francine Parham

July 28, 2022

Is your workplace inclusive of diverse women? Learn how to create a candidate pipeline of talented, diverse women to the c-suite.
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As part of your recruiting efforts, creating a diverse candidate pipeline of women and supplying them with what they need to be successful can push your organization to the next level. Join Francine Parham and host Shari Simpson as they share how leadership can center the importance of diverse thought and inclusivity by inviting diversified women to the table.

Guest: Francine Parham, Founder & CEO, Author of Please Sit Over There: How to Manage Power, Overcome Exclusion and Succeed as a Black Woman at Work

Francine is the Founder and CEO of Francine Parham & Co, a company focused on women’s leadership and the advancement of women and women of color in the workplace. She has held the position of global vice president for General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, and she currently serves as a senior fellow for the Human Capital Center at the Conference Board, a global think tank. Parham is a frequent public speaker, and she has been recognized as a women’s leadership and career advancement expert by the Women’s Media Center.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Francine Parham

Founder and CEO
Francine Parham & Company

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