Feedforward vs. Feedback and more Performance Management Tactics with Jason Lauritsen

March 10, 2022

Tune in and explore the positive impact of feedforward assessments, rather than feedback, during the employee performance review cycle.
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In contrast to traditional feedback assessments, feedforward assessments focus on how a situation can be improved. Feedforward is empowering and eye-opening, not judgmental, and it helps strengthen bonds between coworkers. In this episode of PCTY Talks, author, trainer, and keynote speaker Jason Lauritsen and host Shari Simpson discuss feedforward vs. feedback approaches. They explore the positive impact of divorcing compensation from performance and the difference between employee experience, employee engagement, and performance management.

Guest: Jason Lauritsen, keynote speaker, trainer, and author

Jason liberates managers from outdated and inhumane practices so they can cultivate human potential at work and improve people’s lives. He’s known for his authentic and vulnerable storytelling that challenges you to see things differently. It’s nearly impossible to come away from an interaction with Jason without having your perspective on management changed. His experience ranges from startup CEO to Fortune 1000 executive. He also spent several years leading the Best Places to Work program for an HR technology company, where he gained deep insight into some of the best workplaces in the world.

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Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Jason Lauritsen

Co-Founder and CEO