From Tactical to Strategic HR with Jon Ingham

Tune in and explore how to get out of your own way and turn tactical tasks into an HR strategy.
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There will always be a need for tactical HR tasks, but tactical is not where we are going to see the biggest impact on human resources (HR)'s growth and value. In today’s competitive business environment, people management must be more calculated and evidence-based. The time has come for strategic human resource managers to move beyond their traditional role of enforcing compliance changes and regulations, and instead start actively contributing to their companies' long-term strategic goals.

Tactical-to-strategic transition can be challenging. HR professionals must get out of their own way, develop a clear vision of where and how they can contribute most effectively, and find new ways to add value to the business.

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Guest: Jon Ingham, Director of the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy.

Director of the Jon Ingham Strategic HR Academy. Analyst, trainer and consultant on people and digital transformation in the new future of work. Author of The Social Organization. Creator of the melded network HR model.

Jon Ingham is a consultant, trainer, writer and speaker on strategic people and organizational management with a particular focus on social relationships. Based in the UK but operating globally, he works with HR, IT and Property departments to increase the impact they have in their businesses and helps business leaders and HR teams develop their own strategic capabilities. He is a well-known HR blogger and has been recognized as a top global influencer in talent management.

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