Embracing the HR Leadershift with Sara Christiansen

March 24, 2022

Learn how to overcome fears, obstacles, and pull up a chair in order to make a difference—in a different way—with both strategic thinking and tactical advice as an HR leader.
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Modern workplace realities have highlighted the necessity for HR to step up to the plate and lead—or become obsolete. While many HR professionals have sought a seat at the strategic table for years, few currently consider themselves to be a significant contributor to the organization's long-term development. Explore how to change that and embrace the HR leadershift.

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Guest: Sara Christiansen, CEO and Sr Consultant with Ideation Consulting and author of HR Leadershift

During her 20+ year career as a Social Scientist, Sara Christiansen has had the privilege to work with very diverse companies in both the private and public sectors.

Sara has vast experience working with professionals at all levels in an organization. Whether delivering a formal presentation to a room full of managers or providing one-on-one guidance to a new employee; Sara's passionate style allows her to connect with all audiences in a way that energizes individuals to perform at a higher level.

As the President and CEO at Ideation Consulting, Sara is responsible for providing customized business performance solutions that drive "true" business results. She has developed many strategic programs that help our clients maximize the return on their human capital investments.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Sara Christiansen

CEO and Sr Consultant
Ideation Consulting and author of HR Leadershift

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