How to Build Workforce Resilience with Stephen Sokoler

July 07, 2022

Resilience is essential in today's workplace. Tune in and learn why it's critical for employers to invest in systems that build resilience.
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In the face of an ever-changing landscape, employers are increasingly looking for ways to build resilience across their workforce. Employers can create a more adaptable and responsive workforce by investing in systems that focus on the individual, team, and organization. This investment is paying off in terms of employee retention; while the average turnover intent risk across industries is 45-55%, only 15% of our members report considering leaving their jobs. In a world where change is the only constant, employer investment in resilience will be vital to maintaining a competitive edge. Join host Shari Simpson and Stephen Sokoler as they discuss building resiliency in the workforce.

Stephen spent years in the business sector, founding and running companies, including Altrum Honors, which helped organizations celebrate and inspire their employees. After years of personal practice, Stephen recognized that wellbeing needed to be shared with the world in a more approachable, accessible way. In 2015, Stephen founded Journey with a simple but powerful goal: help people live happier lives with greater clarity and peace of mind.


Shari Simpson

Senior Manager Thought Leadership

Stephen Sokoler

Founder and CEO

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