A New Standard of Work: Must-Haves for the Employee Experience

July 16, 2021

Watch Paylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp on the HR Leaders podcast about how employee experience has changed and how companies must step up.

The standard for companies has never been higher to stay competitive with both employees and customers. And because finding and keeping top talent is key to sustainability, the role HR plays within an organization is increasingly impactful and important.

Paylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp spoke with the HR Leaders podcast about lessons learned in the past year and what it will take to succeed in today’s market:

  • The bar is even higher now for companies to stay competitive as both an employer and a business.
  • Data is critical for driving effective organizational change and performance.
  • Today’s employees demand more from their experience at work, including the technology they use.
  • Solutions that enable communication and connection at work give insight into what employees want and feel.

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