Connecting Employees and Managers Through Self-Service

April 23, 2018

Paylocity helped a marketing organization simplify three separate systems.
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A retail marketing company with 400+ employees relied exclusively on manual processes for all of their HR and payroll needs. They used three separate systems for time and labor, payroll, and HR—none of which integrated with one another. Employees and managers were unable to access important documents and pay information. Reporting was also a cumbersome, time-consuming task.

Company Profile:

  • Type: Retail Marketing
  • Organization Size: 400+
  • Location: Clearwater, FL

Key Benefits:

  • User-friendly system
  • Easy access to HR and payroll information
  • Real-time data

The Solution:

With Paylocity’s Self-Service portal, the client can now put important payroll and HR information into the hands of their employees and managers effortlessly. Offering this solution allows employees to easily access real-time data and electronically view checks, submit time-off requests, access benefits, and more. As a central gateway for business activities, Paylocity’s Self-Service portal keeps employees and managers connected 24/7. With personal and company information in a single location, managers can easily oversee essential payroll and HR functions, eliminating hours of manual processes.

“Paylocity has a clean and easy-to-navigate user interface; we felt employee and manager adoption would be successful.”

 The Results:

  • Significantly reduced amount of time to process payroll
  • Allowed managers to easily access employee information
  • Avoided an increase in headcount, approximately $70,000 annually in soft dollars, by streamlining HR and payroll processes
  • Automated time-off requests and performance reviews

To download the full case study, click here.


Put the Power in Their Hands

Give your employees the power to do it on their own with Employee Self Service (ESS). With secure, 24/7 access to their information, ESS gives employees one convenient place to view checks, request time off, print tax documents, clock in and out, and connect with their peers. And it’s quick and easy for supervisors to approve requests and view scheduling, putting more time back in your day to work on other initiatives.

Employee Self Service